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Supporting Affidavit, Petition of Peter Edwards:

John Womack


       Southampton County Va    Nov 21st 1831

                  I John Womack of lawful age, saith that I was in company with a party in pursuit of the negroes who were charged with being guilty of insurrection in said county August the 24th 1831 – we went to Peter Edwards and got [dinner?] and while resting an alarm was given that his man Nelson was in the orchard. We turned out after him and lost him, and returned to Edwards’s and when we got up to the yard his negro man Austin was standing in the yard by himself perfectly defenceless, when one of the party shot him down instantly. He had a powder gourd in his pocket. This affiant states he was a young likely fellow, and worth at least $400 and further this affiant saith not


                                                                                John Womack


    Jerusalem Soampton County,

    Personally appeared before

John Womack who made

oath the above affidavit

                          A.P. Peete J.P.



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