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Supporting Affidavit, Petition of Levi Waller:

Thomas Porter


Southampton Co. to wit


                  I Thomas Porter of lawful age after being duly sworn depose and say that I saw Alfred a negro the property of Levi Waller tied to a tree by a party of the Greensville Dragoons who were engaged in suppressing the late insurrection in this county and shot by them.


                  I saw his ancles [sic] bandaged up at the time and heard that he had been previously hamstrung of another p arty who had asked taken him in pursuit of the insurgents—  I know that Alfred was a Blacksmith engaged in Mr. Waller’s shop.


                                                                           Thos. Porter

Subscribed + sworn to

before me this 22nd Nov 1831.

                  A. P. Peete





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