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Fredericksburg (Virginia) Arena, no date

reprinted in Alexandria (Virginia) Phenix Gazette,

September 9, 1831


        It is gratifying to state that the language held by our Editorial brethren of the North, in relation to the late disastrous occurrences, is entirely unobjectionable. We have seen no taunts, no cant, no complacent dwelling upon the superior advantages of the non-slaveholding states; on the contrary, there has been a burst of generous sympathy, an unequivocal expression of horror at the scenes enacted by the deluded wretches. We have no doubt, that should it ever be necessary, the citizens of the United States would promptly fly to the assistance of their Southern brethren—we speak of the vast majority—fanatics there are, doubtless, who so far from thus acting would not very much scruple to foment disaffection and excite servile insurrection.


From Eric Foner, ed., Nat Turner (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1971), 79.


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