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Letter from William W. to Governor Floyd


                                                                                                                    Norfolk, August 19th 1835


Dear Sir,


                 I wish you to read the annexed letter. It was written to Mr. Tazewell in February last, but in consequence of sundry circumstances did not come to his hands till this day. My brother delivered it to him, + was directed by him to send it to the council, who, in his opinion, would consider Ferrall entitled to the reward by virtue of the enclosed certificate.


                 I carried the certificate to Richmond in July last, but Mr. Tazewell left the city on the day following my arrival + I thought his presence necessary for the recovery of the reward. I then had the receipt of a magistrate of Sussex County for the negro man Boson given to Ferrall, whom I empowered to take the negro to the mail of that county. Mr. Heath now has that receipt, he having paid the legal changes for conveying the negro to prison.


                 If the Council think Ferrall entitled to the reward, which I believe to be $200 – I wish to receive it by virtue of the power written on the certificate, + send me a check for it –


                 I believe that the negro would not have been arrested, but for the prompt exertions of Ferrall.


                                                                      Yours very respectfully

                                                                                  Wm. W.  

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