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Governor's Council Papers




23d August 1831


Present                                       Governor Floyd

                                             Mr. Daniel


Insurrection                    The Governor submitted a paper signed by

of Negroes                       James Trezevant stating that a large number of

in Southampton             negroes are imbodied in the County of South-

                                         ampton that many families have been murdered.

                                             That particulars could not be obtained but the

                                             number is too large to be put down without a

                                             considerable military force. Also several letters

                                             from Petersburg—the whole sent on by express.

                                             The Governor required advice thereupon.

                                             It is advised that the Governor take such measures

                                             as in his opinion may be necessary for suppressing

                                             the insurrection—by ordering out Troops, issuing

                                             arms and ammunition and give such orders from

                                             time to time as the exigency of the case may

                                             require—and [word indecipherable] so every thing

                                             necessary may be done.


J. A. Smith                      An advance for postage of the Auditor’s office.

Advc                                It is advised that the Auditor be directed to issue an

                                        amount to John A. Smith of $100 for that purpose.


   Adjourned.                               P.V. Daniel


X                                    All the papers in relation to the Insurrection in

                                      Southampton filed together, and in a separate


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