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Notes Made by a Member of the North Carolina Militia



                                                                        Tuesday Evening 8 O’cl.PM Aug.23 – A.D. 31 –


1/2 10 O”cl A.M. August 24th no further information concerning the murder of the whites.


10 O’Clock AM Aug 25th. the names of several others have been re[cei]v[e]d who have been found dead killed whose name we cannot obtain or whose names are not in the above although killed at the same time.


From 10 to 15 negroes have been killed. 10 or 12 sent to jail. 4 in the possession of a scouting company on their way to the + Keys. The negroes dispersed. The number acting in the offensive are small. We think it inexpedient for any more troops to be forwarded. The number of troops who make their rendezvous at this place are from 2 to 3 hundred. A company of 25 cavalry from Halifax arrived this morning at 10 O’Cl. our foot from M. boro [Murfreesboro] arrived at the same time. The affair of the insurrection has been managed exceedingly badly on the part of the county as [two words indecipherable] learn. -


                                                                                    s/ (Indecipherable)/

                                                                                    s/ (Indecipherable)/

+ Keys Augst. 24/1831                                                 s/ (Indecipherable)/


P.S. We have no doubt we could procure many other signatures if we were not pressed for time.

P.S. Since writing the above we have been informed by Dr. C. Barham that 7 negroes passed his father this morning towards Sussex. 2 the same way last night. One hundred and twenty five men were dispatched immediately in pursuit of these negroes by Dr. B.

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