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General Assembly Vote, February 27, 1832


                The vote on January 25th resolved to do nothing about abolition. The vote on February 27th sought to amend a bill that took several acts concerning African Americans (free and slave) and condensed them into one. This bill increased restrictions on slaves and were especially harsh on free African Americans.



[February 27, 1832]


A bill, to amend an act entitled, "an act reducing into one the several acts concerning slaves, free negroes and mulattoes, and for other purposes," with the amendments thereto proposed by the committee to which the same was committed, was taken up on motion of Mr. Sims; and the said amendments being agreed to by the house, and the said bill being farther amended on motions severally made, was, as amended, ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. Ayes 79, noes 36.

On motion of Mr. Zinn, (seven of the members present concurring,) Ordered, That the ayes and noes upon the question ordering the same to its engrossment, be inserted in the journal.



The names of the gentlemen who voted in the affirmative, are Messrs. Banks, (the speaker,) Grinalds, Wood of Albemarle, Randolph, Booker, Garland, Brooke, Campbell of Bedford, Anderson of Botetourt, Wilson of Botetourt, Gholson, Shell, Patteson of Buckingham, Rives, Daniel, Dickinson, Halyburton, Richardson, Patteson of Chesterfield, Pendleton, Broadus, Wilson of Cumberland, Brodnax, Jones, Ball, Marshall, Stillman, Smith of Gloucester, Bryce of Goochland, Erskine, Spencer, Bruce, Sims, Roane, Mullen, Williams, Mayo, Gravely, Jordan, Sheild, Gallaher, Berry, Summers, Harwood, Carter of Richmond, Allen, M'llhaney, Poindexter, Hudgins, Smith of Mason, Preston, Webb, Chandler, Leigh, Fisher, Harvey, Anderson of Nottoway, Fitzhugh, Davis, Witcher, Swanson, Miller, Dupuy, Land, Shands, Carter of Prince William, Moore, Carson, Cobb, Powell, Crump, Hargrave, M'Coy, Keller, Newton, Crockett, King, Brown and Rutherfoord—79.



And the names of the gentlemen who voted in the negative, are Messrs. Persinger, M'Cue, Cameron, Faulkner, Good, Campbell of Brooke, Spurlock, Chilton, Stephenson, Helms, Hale of Franklin, Woods, Wood of Frederick, Bryce of Frederick, Snidow, Hail of Grayson, Carskadon, Poston, Johnson, Hays, Cordell, Caldwell, Billingsly, Henry, Vawter, Parriott, Adams, Hiner, Zinn, Hart, M'Mahon, Cline, Jessee, Bare, Gillespie and Morris—36.


From Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia 1831-1832 , p. 188.

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