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The Liberator (Boston, Massachusetts),

October 29, 1831


Information Wanted:—The Hon. Robert Y. Hayne, of Columbia, S.C., (through the medium of a letter,) wishes to know of the Mayor of Boston who sent a number of the Liberator to him, a few weeks ago? The Mayor of Boston (through the medium of a deputy) wished to know of Mr. Garrison whether he sent the aforesaid number to the aforesaid individual? Mr. Garrison (through medium of his paper) wished to know of the Hon. Robert Y. Hayne, of Columbia, S.C. and the Mayor of Boston, what authority they have to put such questions?



Henry Irving Tragle, The Southampton Slave Revolt of 1831: A Compilation of Source Material (Amherst, MA: The University of Massachusetts Press, 1971), 131-132.

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