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Supporting Affidavit, Petition of Thomas Fitzhugh Estate: Alexander P. Peete


I hereby certify that during the late insurrection in Southampton County on the evening of Tuesday the 23rd of August instant I received intelligence that a negro boy the property of Maj. Thomas Ridley had seen the banditti after they had been repulsed up Dr. Blunt’s that they told him whilst he was in company with them that they had called at Dr. Blunt’s and that they did not know he was at home to get his negroes to join them but that he had fired on them and shot two of them. But that they would return there next (Tuesday) evening and they would see whether he and his corps army could keep them out of his house. When the reception of this intelligence by note from Mr. Drew Fitzhugh who lived near Dr. Blunts and had had then charge of his house armed Blunt’s negroes and his own. Myself and about 10 men immediately went to Blunt’s house to defend it if it should be attacked. I was enrolled by the [illegible] of [illegible] and mustered in Jerusalem but with a permit that I might defend Dr. Blunt’s house or answer the insurgents in any direction I thought proper. We therefore went to Blunt’s. Men arrived there all night. Left his negroes + Fitzhugh’s man [illegible] near the front door till nearly day light when an alarm was given and such was the confusion that by accident a young man by the name of Harris fired and killed Fitzhugh’s negro man. He was likely[,] young + of a good character. Slaves of this master were frequent at Dr. Blunt’s and at other places during the excitement necessarily pronounced in the neighborhood where so many persons had been murdered. Given under my hand this 28th day of January 1832.


                        A. P. Peete

Sworn to before me

this 18th day of Jany 1832

                  William Briggs J. P.

                  Southampton County

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