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Supporting Affidavit, Petition of Peter Edwards:

Joseph Joiner


Southampton County Va.


                   I Joseph Joiner of the aforesaid county, who being of lawful aged do hereby state, that I was stationed at the Cross Keys, as Capt. commanding a company of militia. Peter Edwards brought to that place his negro man James and delivered him to me with a request that I would prevent his being shot if I could.—I immediately tied him and placed him against the side of the house, when a party rushed up and shot him—he fell dead at my feet—this affiant states that from all the circumstances he has no doubt but that the said James was guilty of insurrection as charged against him—This affiant further states that on Thursday morning, (two days after), he with a party came up, with another one of the said Peter Edwards negroes, named Nelson, who this affiant also believed was guilty of insurrection;--the negro retreated and this affiant and other fired on him, and he was also killed before he was arrested—This affiant thinks James was about eighteen years of age and he thinks worth about $400. Nelson was about thirty five years of age, was uncommonly likely, and worth at least $400 and had he been mine, I would not have taken $500 for him & further he saith not—


                                                                                          Joseph Joiner


    Jerusalem Soampton Cty

    Personally appeared before

Joseph Joiner, who made to

the allegations contained in

this above certificate

     A. P. Peete J.P.

November 21, 1831


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