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Petition of Elizabeth Turner Estate, December 29, 1831


To the General Assembly of Virginia,


                  The Petition of the administrator, and distributer of Elizabeth Turner decd. respectfully represents, that a likely, + therefore valuable slave, of the undivided estate of the said [illegible], by the name of Jordan undid himself with the band of insurgents, which lately arose in the county of Southampton, and was one of those concerned in the perpetration of those horrible scenes which then occurred. That he was shot by the white persons who happily suppressed that insurrection, but without any legal trial before a court of law, so that your petitioner will sustain the entire loss of his value, to which they would of course have been entitled, had his death been adjudged in the regular mode, unless compensation shall be provided by law, which is respectfully prayed +c


                                                                        The admr. + distributor of

                                                                        Elizabeth Turner decd.


[other side of petition]

Petition of the representative

of Elizabeth Turner decd.


Dec. 29th 1831

refd to select



Wm. H. Broadnax


Jany 3.  Rejected


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