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Supporting Affidavit, Petition of Elizabeth Turner Estate: Sampson C. Reese and John H. Barnes


We Sampson C. Reese & John H. Barnes do hereby certify that on the 24th day of August 1831 we saw a negro boy by name Jordan the property of Elizabeth Turner decd., shot and killed he being known to be guilty of the late insurrection.


                  Given under our hands this 19th day of Decr. 1831                               Sampson C. Reese


                                                                                                                                     John H. Barnes


(We the above subscribers do further certify and ajudge said negro Jordan to be worth the sum of Four Hundred Dollars. Given under our Hands this 19th Decr. 1831.

                                                                                           Sampson C. Reese


                                                                                           John H. Barnes


Sworn and subscribed to before me Wm. L. Everitt a justice of the peace for the County of Southampton this 19th day of Decr. 1831.

                                                                                           Wm. L. Everitt



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