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The Edenton Gazette and North Carolina

General Advertiser, October 16, 1820


Ten Dollars Reward

WILL be given for apprehending and delivering to me, or

                                        confining in jail so that I get him again, my Negro Fellow


                                        formerly the property of Isaac Barber, dec'd. He is about 25

                                        or 26 years of age, about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, pretty

                                        well set, yellow complexion, his upper teeth somewhat

                                        decaying, very fond of spirits, and remarkably talkative. He

                                        is supposed to be lurking about the Town of Hertford,

                                        where he has relations, or in the neighborhood of Nebegun-

                                        Creek. I will give the above reward if delivered or confined

                                        as aforesaid, and all reasonable expences paid.

                                                                                                       Jonathan Haughton

                                        Chowan, Oct. 11, 1820

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