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Roanoke Advocate, September 1, 1831

RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 18th of June, my negro boy PEYTON. He is about seventeen years of age, five feet three or four inches high, well formed, little inclined to be bow-legged, dark complected, has a sleepy look out of his eyes, rather long lips, and has a scar on his side from a burn. When he went off, he had on a shirt, a pair of pantaloons and an old white fur hat with the crown torn in. I purchased PEYTON from William H. Gray--he was formerly the property of Jesse R. Smith, who married Capt. Bradley's widow. He has a brother belonging to John D. Amis, in Northampton, and one belonging to John A. Binford. His father and mother live with William Whitfield about six miles above Halifax. I will give the above reward for the said negro, if he is shot and killed, or seriously wounded. If the said negro should be taken by his consent, not making any exertions to get away, I will pay ten dollars for the said boy. Should the said negro be shot and killed or wounded as I before state, I do hereby bind myself not to take any advantages, but pay the above reward and thank them for it. The said boy is an impudent rascal.
Edgecomb county, Aug.}
18, 1831.}

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