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Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, January 28, 1820


RAN AWAY from the subscriber in Duplin County, on the

17th of August last, a negro man named NED. He is a tolerable large fellow quite black, his left eye is rather the smallest, a large scar on his forehead occasioned by the kick of a horse; he is artful, shrewd and sensible, and will no doubt attempt to pass as a free man, if he can by any means procure a forged pass; I have but a very few days since taken him from the Jail of Hertford County, where he passed for months as a free man, and had a pass to that effect, and on his way home made his escape. It is more than probable, he will direct his course to some of the Seaport Towns. I will give the above Reward for apprehending and securing him in Jail, so that I get him again. All persons are cautioned against harbouring him.


       January 29, 1820.

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