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Western Carolinian (Salisbury, N.C.), July 16, 1822

Fifty Dollars Reward.

RAN away from the subscriber, on the North Yadkin, from the farm of Thos. P. Ives, on Wednesday, the 10th of July, a negro man named DENNIS, about forty years old, about 5 feet two or three inches high, with some grey hairs in his head and whiskers, is stout made, bow-legged, and defective in his fore teeth, and has large feet. He is an artful, sensible fellow, and probably will endeavour to pass for a free man. He was born and raised in Southampton, Va. and was sold in the town of Newbern to Edward Graham, Esq. and from him to William Trippe, and from Trippe to the subscriber. Whoever will confine him in any jail in the state, will be entitled to the above reward.


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