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Raleigh Register and North Carolina Weekly Advertiser, May 19, 1820


ON the 10th of this month I bought at a Sheriff's sale, a stout black negro woman by the name of Sooky, considerably advanced in

years, and her female child, called Olive, about four years old. They were sold as the property of Sam'l G. Briggs, of Raleigh. They forerly belonged to a Miss Hart, who lived in Mr. Brigg's family, and were, as I understand, brought from Northampton County. They were at my house in the night after the sale, and apparently contented, but in

the morning, were missing. Whether they have attempted to make their way to Northampton; or whether they are harboured in or

about Raleigh; or what has become of them, I am at a loss to conjecture.
      Any useful information on this subject will be thankfully received; and I will give a reward of ten dollars to any person who will deliver the negroes to me, together with a suitable reward for any services beyond my present expectation.


       Raleigh, May 18, 1820

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