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Trial of Jack & Shadrach (slave of Nathaniel Simmons)

September 28, 1831 – Discharged


At a Court of Oyer and Terminer summoned and held for the County of Southampton on the 28th day of September 1831 for the trial of Jack and Shadrach negro men slaves belonging to Nathaniel Simmons charged with treason against the Commonwealth—


Present Carr Bowers Benjamin Drewry James D. Massenburg James Trezevant and Ores A. Browne Gent.


The Court being thus constituted the prisoners above named were set to the bar in custody of the Jailor of the County whereupon for reasons appearing the trial of the slaves Jack and Shadrach is adjourned till Friday the 30th day of September instant & thereupon they were remanded to jail and the Court adjourned till Friday morning nine o’clock.




[October 17]                               


Present: Jacob Barnes Gent.


Jack and Shadrach negro men slave the property of Nathaniel Simmons who stand indicated for Treason, &c. were again set to the bar by the Sheriff of this County into whose custody they were heretofore committed. And the Court being of opinion that slaves cannot be tried in this court for Treason, Therefore it is ordered that the said Jack and Shadrach be discharged from further prosecution in this behalf.



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