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Trial of Lucy (slave of John T. Barrow estate)

September 19, 1831 –  Executed



Lucy a negro woman slave late the property of John T. Barrow who stands charged with conspiring to rebel and make insurrection was this day set to the bar in custody of the jailor of this County (the Court summoned for her trial having failed to meet) and the Court doth assign Wm. C. Parker Counsel for the prisoner in her defense and Meriwether B. Broadnax Attny. prosecuting for the Commonwealth filed an Information against the said Lucy and thereupon the said Lucy being arraigned of the premises pleaded not guilty to the information—and


Mary T. Barrow a witness for the Commonwealth being sworn says that on the 22d day of Aug last when the insurgents came to the house of her late husband, John T. Barrow, and were entering the yard and she the witness was making her escape the prisoner a girl about 20 years of age seized and held her about one minute and until another negro took her away—that she does not know certainly what her intentions were but thought it was to detain her.


Bird a negro slave being charged and sworn as a witness for the Commonwealth says they found several weeks after the murder of Mr. Barrow four pieces of money in a bag of feathers and covered with a handkerchief—that the room was occupied by the prisoner and another (Moses since hung).


Moses a slave was sworn and charged as a witness for the Commonwealth & says that after the murder was committed he saw the prisoner in company with the insurgents at the door.


Robert T. Musgrave being sworn as a witness for the Commonwealth says that after his examining the prisoner she stated that she had fled through the kitchen and concealed herself in the cornfield—


The Court after hearing the testimony and from all the circumstances of the case are unanimously of opinion that the prisoner is guilty in manner and form as in the information against her is set forth and it being demanded of the prisoner if anything for herself she had or knew to say why the Court should not proceede to pronounce judgment against her according to Law & nothing being offered or alleged in delay of judgment it is considered by the Court that the prisoner be taken hence to the jail from whence she was taken therein to be safely confined until Monday the 26th of September instant on which day between the hours of ten o’clock in the forenoon and two o’clock in the afternoon the prisoner is to be taken by the Sheriff to the usual place of execution and there be hanged by the neck until she be dead. And the Court value the said Lucy to the sum of three hundred and Seventy five dollars.




The Court doth allow William C. Parker ten dollars for his fee for defending Lucy a slave belonging to the Est. of John T. Barrow, dcd. Ordered that the Court be adjourned to tomorrow morning nine o’clock.




Ordered that the Sheriff send an express to the Executive with copies of the record of the convictions of Jim and Isaac slave [sic] belonging to Saml. Champion & Frank a slave belonging to Solomon D. Parker, Joe belonging to John C. Turner & Lucy belonging to the Est. of John Barrow.


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