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Trial of Isham Turner (free man of color)

October 18, 1831 – Superior Court


Isham Turner a free man of color late of the county of Southampton who stands charged with conspiring consulting and advising to rebel and make insurrection and plotting to take the lives of free white persons citizens of this Comml. was this day set to the bar by the sheriff of this county into whose custody he was heretofore committed and charged with felony aforesaid. (The court summoned for his examination not having met) and thereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined touching the premises—and the prisoner being fully heard by /James S. French his/ counsel. The court after hearing the testimony and all the circumstances of the case are of opinion that the prisoner that the prisoner [sic] ought to be tried for said offence at the next Superior Court to be holden for this county and thereupon it is ordered that he be remanded to jail.


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